Ministry of Food and Drug Safety introduces measures to enhance oversight of overseas direct purchases and streamline import inspections

June 9, 2023

South Korea's Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, has implemented new measures to bolster the safety management of imported food items purchased directly by consumers from overseas. These initiatives aim to effectively block harmful food products and rationalize customs inspection requirements, reducing the burden on importers while ensuring public health.

Key highlights of the amended Enforcement Rules of the Special Act on Imported Food Safety Management include the establishment of standards and procedures for designating and canceling raw materials and ingredients subject to import blocking. The designation process involves thorough evaluation by a deliberation committee comprising experts from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. The revised rules also introduce compliance requirements for internet purchasing agents and enhance classification requirements for the same imported food by the same company.

Furthermore, the Ministry has set up guidelines for business operators to adhere to, along with administrative punishments in case of violations, to discourage the purchase of imported food items that fail to meet.

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