FDA Warns Against Unregistered Food Supplement LUX Purple Corn Capsule

May 18, 2023

In response to public health concerns, the FDA has issued a warning to healthcare professionals and the general public, urging them not to purchase or consume an unregistered food supplement called "LUX Purple Corn Capsule (No Approved Therapeutic Claim)." The FDA conducted online monitoring and post-marketing surveillance, revealing that the mentioned product is not registered with the agency, and no Certificate of Product Registration (CPR) has been issued for it.

Since the unregistered food supplement has not undergone evaluation by the FDA, the agency cannot ensure its quality and safety.

All concerned establishments are cautioned against distributing, advertising, or selling the violative food supplement until a CPR is issued. Failure to comply may result in regulatory actions and sanctions. The FDA advises individuals to verify product registration by using the FDA Verification Portal or checking for the FDA Registration number on the product label.

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