FDA Warns Against Unregistered Food Product "LIVELUXLIFE LUX Glutagen w/ Sodium Ascorbate & Alkali with Glutathione

May 18, 2023

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a warning to healthcare professionals and the general public regarding the purchase and consumption of an unregistered food product called "LIVELUXLIFE LUX Glutagen w/ Sodium Ascorbate & Alkali with Glutathione." The FDA's online monitoring and post-marketing surveillance have confirmed that the product is not registered, and no Certificate of Product Registration (CPR) has been issued for it. The agency emphasizes that the manufacture, importation, sale, distribution, and promotion of health products without proper authorization are strictly prohibited by law. The FDA urges all concerned parties to refrain from distributing or selling the violative food product until a CPR is issued, and law enforcement agencies and local government units are requested to ensure its removal from the market.

For further information and inquiries about this advisory, individuals can contact the FDA Center for Food Regulation Office and Research through email at cfrr@fda.gov.ph, mentioning the concerned advisory in the subject line. They can also reach out by calling (02)8857-1900 local 8105 and 8112.

To report any sale or distribution of unregistered food products, individuals are encouraged to email the FDA at ereport@fda.gov.ph.

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