Draft MERCOSUR Technical Regulation on silicones intended for the manufacture of materials, packaging, linings and equipment in contact with food

March 24, 2023

Argentina notified World Trade Organization about the draft MERCOSUR Technical Regulation pertains to silicones used in food-contact materials, packaging, linings, and equipment. It does not extend to linings for cellulosic materials, which must adhere to another MERCOSUR Technical Regulation. Silicone materials, packaging, linings, and equipment that come into contact with food must be made in accordance with good manufacturing practises and be compatible with the foods with with which it will come into contact, according to the notified draft text. It must not emit undesirable substances or contaminants in sufficient amounts to alter the composition of the meal and/or its sensory properties, or to endanger human health. It also defines the allowed colourants and additives, as well as the safety requirements

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