Standard: The Peruvian Technical Standard for labeling foods with trans fatty acids approved by Inacal

May 4, 2023

The national quality institute (Inacal) has approved the new edition of the Peruvian technical standard, which establishes the appropriate way to record information on the content of trans fatty acids (TFA) in the labeling of packaged foods. This will help citizens and consumers identify if certain products comply with the current standard, which sets the limits and percentages of trans fats allowed and allow them to make appropriate decisions for their health.
Trans fatty acids should be labeled as "trans-fat", "trans-fat", "trans fatty acids" or TFAs. If the product has nutritional information, the declaration of the quantity must be entered after the saturated fatty acid content. The amount of trans fatty acids contained in foods should be expressed in grams per 100 g, 100 ml or per container. If there is no nutrition information on the label, the trans fatty acid content should be stated at the end of the list of ingredients. For advertising warning purposes, it should be considered that, if the TFA value declared on the label is 0, rounding means that it does not contain trans fatty acids. This document has been prepared by the technical committee for standardization of packaged foods.

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