Swedish National Food Agency's regulations on dietary supplements

May 24, 2023

On May 22, 2023, the Swedish Food Safety Authority issued Announcement 2023:3, the Food Supplements Regulation. The main contents of the regulations include:

(1) Scope of application (domestic or imported food supplements sold in Sweden)

(2) Product definition. Food supplements refer to foods that are concentrated sources of nutrients and other specific physiologically active substances and supplement the normal diet. The product forms are generally capsules, powders, tablets, lozenges, drops, etc., and food supplements are stipulated at the same time. Drugs can only be sold to consumers in the form of prepackaged food

(3) The packaging and labeling requirements of food supplements, including the name and content of supplemented nutrients or characteristic substances, daily recommended consumption and maximum consumption must be marked, and there must be no explicit or implied normal diet that cannot meet human nutrition. expression of needs, etc.

(4) Requirements for raw and auxiliary materials used in the production and processing of food supplements, etc.

The regulation will come into force on July 1, 2023.

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