Notification of Almond Flour –Specification by Tanzania Bureau of Standards

May 4, 2023

In accordance with TZS 330 standard, Almond flour must be packaged in containers made from food grade packing material and sealed in a way that prevents contamination and maintains the product's freshness, safety, nutritional value, and sensory appeal.

In addition to the labelling requirements given in TZS 538, packages/containers of almond
flour shall be labelled legibly and indelibly with the following information:

  • a) Name of the product as ‘Almond flour’;
  • b) Trade name or brand, if any;
  • c) Name, physical address of the manufacturer and/or packer;
  • d) Batch or lot number;
  • e) Date of manufacturing;
  • f) Expiry date;
  • g) Net weight in Metric unit;
  • h) Country of origin;
  • i) Storage conditions;
  • j) List of ingredients in descending order
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