Taiwan introduces Restrictions and Labeling Requirements for Genetically Modified Trans-Resveratrol in Food Products

June 29, 2023

In accordance with the Food Safety and Hygiene Management Law, this regulatory order has been established to address the usage and labeling requirements of trans-resveratrol, a food raw material derived from genetically modified brewer's yeast known as the EFSC4687 strain.

The regulations impose certain provisions when trans-resveratrol is used as a food raw material. Firstly, the specifications listed in the schedule must be met. Secondly, if trans-resveratrol is used in dietary supplements for adult consumption, there is a daily limit of 150 mg. 

Moreover, foods incorporating trans-resveratrol as raw material are required to be labeled with a warning stating, "This product is for adult use only. Pregnant women and lactating individuals should avoid consumption, and individuals taking medication should consult a physician before use."

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