WHO updates on Aspartame Carcinogenicity Assessment

June 29, 2023

In a significant development, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) recently convened Monographs Meeting 134 to assess the potential carcinogenicity of aspartame. The focus of this meeting was hazard identification concerning aspartame, an artificial sweetener widely used in the food industry.

As a direct outcome of the IARC evaluation, the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA) has taken a proactive step by announcing its intention to revise its risk assessment on aspartame. The comprehensive update will include a review of the acceptable daily intake and dietary exposure assessment for aspartame.

The eagerly awaited results of both evaluations are set to be jointly disclosed on 14th July 2023. The IARC Monographs Volume 134 findings will be published online at 00:30 CEST by The Lancet Oncology, alongside simultaneous publication of the JECFA's conclusions on the WHO website.

To maintain the integrity of the evaluation process, all participants, including Observers, were required to sign a confidentiality agreement. This agreement explicitly stipulates that no information about the meeting or its outcomes shall be divulged until the end of the embargo period.

The revelation of the IARC and JECFA assessments holds considerable importance for public health policies and food safety regulations worldwide.

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