Taiwan proposed a draft for the management of designated import facilities for chicks and fertilised eggs

February 16, 2023

Taiwan drafted key management points for designated facilities for the import of chicks and fertilised eggs. The Operation Instructions were implemented to add, revoke, and reinstate the designated establishments DE(s). The DE(s) will be designated as qualified establishments after assessment and approved by the Council of Agriculture (COA) to ensure the DE(s) is capable of preventing the risk of highly pathogenic avian influenza being imported to the country. If there haven't been any HPAI instances in the last six months, the DE(s) will be added to the list after the Council of Agriculture's evaluation, and BAPHIQ has verified the prior qualifying importation record. The COA will immediately suspend the DE(s) designation from exporting day-old poultry or fertilised eggs if there is a news from World Animal Health Information. System (WAHIS) of the World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH) about an HPAI outbreak in the DE(s), If the competent authority of the exporting country informed Chinese Taipei of an HPAI outbreak in the DE(s), BAPHIQ detects any non-compliance with the import quarantine rules etc. The DE(s) adhering to one of the following conditions can regain their designation- if the exporting nation's application has been examined and verified by BAPHIQ, proving that the DE(s) have been free of HPAI for at least 28 days following the completion of the last case's culling, cleaning, and disinfection; the results of the on-site audit of the DE(s) show that they are in compliance with the applicable import quarantine rule.

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