Food and Food Supplements Regulatory Services in Russia

Food and Food Supplements
Regulatory Services in Russia


In Russia, Food supplements are regulated under the Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights and are implemented by Rospotrebnadzor. The issues related to state registration of food supplements in Russia are regulated by the Technical Regulation of the Customs Union “On Food Safety,” and Sanitary Regulations and Standards and other technical regulations. Certain vitamins and mineral supplements, herbal ingredients require pre-market approval before placing these products. The herbal ingredients can also be classified as supplements, and the authorities maintain a list of forbidden plants that can be used as food supplements or herbal ingredients/supplements.

To place any food product in Russia, a brand owner must ensure that the product is compliant with the sanitary-epidemiological examination, state registration of a food supplement, and labeling. For Novel foods, pre-market authorization is done based on Sanitary and Epidemiological Examination. To successfully launch a dietary supplement in the Russian market, a manufacturer needs to verify whether the product can be registered as a dietary supplement, prepare and submit a registration dossier, analyse the sample, organize the import of a product to Russia (if needed), and communicate with the Rospotrebnadzor and accredited expert laboratories.

Freyr’s experts can assist in food supplements Regulatory services in Russia, such as food product classification, formulation/ingredient assessment, label & claims review, and technical dossier compilation, submissions to the Health Authority.


Freyr Expertise

  • Product Classification
  • Formula Review/Ingredient Assessment
  • Labels and Claims Review
  • Legal Representation/License Holding
  • Claims Consultation and Substantiation
  • Dossier Compilation
  • Food Product/Supplement Registration in Russia
  • Food Import Regulations in Russia
  • Regulatory Intelligence Report
Freyr Advantages


Freyr Advantages


End-to-end Regulatory consultation


Market Specific Regulatory consulting and advice


Qualified experts with hands-on experience across foods like health supplements, dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, health functional foods, health functional beverages, and foods for special dietary use.


A strong relationship with different Health Authorities


Extensive partner network across the globe


A structured and cost-effective approach to ensure speedy market access