Korea amends Special Act on Imported Food Safety Control

January 5, 2023

South Korea has proposed amendment of the "Special Act on Imported Food Safety Control"In the case of foods that are directly imported from abroad, new rules will be set for the classification of items, such as narcotics and pharmaceutical ingredients, to be banned for entry. After a committee has deliberated and made a decision regarding which substances should be prohibited upon entry, the name of the substance, the reason for designation, and the date of designation will be published and put on the website.

-Until recently, goods produced at the same foreign food facility and sharing the same product name, production process, and raw materials were considered to be made by the same company. However, because the product name has little bearing on the safety of processed goods and livestock products, the product name will be excluded as a condition.
- if applicable, GMP and GFSI will be added to the current HACCP and ISO22000 for foreign food facilities requesting for registration, defining the forms of certification for food safety management . It is open for comments till 6 March 2023 and Proposed date of adoption is 11 June 2023.

If a foreign food facility's (foreign establishment's) registration has been suspended because it was obtained fraudulently or via another unethical means, it will be prohibited from applying for registration for two years following the date of the suspension. Additionally, if a foreign food facility (foreign establishment) withdraws its registration upon notification of an on-site inspection schedule by MFDS to the facility, it may reapply following an on-site inspection. It is open for comments till 6 March 2023. 

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